Talent acquisition

To recruit the right profile, you need to know how to identify them!

Identify and target the best profiles

Depending on the profile you're looking for, we'll work with you to develop a recruitment strategy that's tailored to your needs. This involves a thorough understanding of your needs, a market research phase and meticulous work on the request plan.

The queries will be refined and localized in the target market to enable you to establish the most accurate sourcing possible.

Pipeline Builder

Sourcely enables you to build up highly-targeted candidate pools, identifying relevant talent without waiting for them to be actively searching.

Simplified application

Simplify processes and schedule interviews directly in your diary.

Talent acquisition

Sourcely allows you to identify the ideal profile, target them at the right place, with the right message, and make them want to join you!

Validated by our customers

Sourcely has enabled us to speed up the identification of potential candidates and recruit quickly by scheduling interviews directly in my diary. A game changer.
Recruitment Manager SNCF Connect & Tech